Services and rates

French/German to English Translation

The rate charged may vary depending on text complexity and file format.
A specialised PDF file will cost more due to extra formatting, research and revision time.

Translation: £0.07-0.20 per source word

Proofreading / Editing / Transcription: £30 per hour

I have a minimum charge of £30 (this is due to the fact that I follow the same
meticulous process on every translation, regardless of size). I will ensure the text
is in a translatable format, check context and conduct research.

Once your document is complete, I conduct a QA check, proofread and generate
the final file (rest assured, a minimum charge means I go the extra mile for you!).

I agreed to abide by the CIOL code of conduct when I became a member, which
means that I am ethically bound to only translate into my native language, English.

Click here to see the CIOL Code of Conduct

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